My life, in the year of the Covid.

21 Mar

Hi Erica,

My life is one of many emotions, which fear & anxiety are at the bottom of my list.

Except for three weeks last April when our shop and many businesses were closed down, we were homebound for that time I haven’t changed all that much. I work 1/2 days at my business, exercise the same, go to stores with mask & social distance, see family if we have not been exposed to covid, that we know. We take precautions but won’t be paralyzed by fear.

Regrets are, missing Easter season, Memorial Day, 4th of July, State Fair, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, all though we still made all the food and had the family come to the door and pick up food. We did have Christmas with the whole family.

One of the blessings that I have experienced since the start of this pandemic has been learning about and being part of the beautiful St. John’s Community. For 21 years, I would leave with a heavy heart that I will not be coming back for another year, missing the safety net, sounds, Monks, Oblates, prayers, services, the sight and sound of the beautiful church, the meals, and talks with my fellow Oblates. The sadness leaving my bench down by the lake, the beauty of the lake, looking over at the original chapel, listening to the loons, squirrels, and birds, then one more trip up to the cemetery for one more prayer for Fr. Allan, Abbot Timothy and others that have gone to God. 

The email notice: there will be a Retreat, only on Zoom. Days, times, prayers, services, speakers, everything but the meals, being with each other, the Lake, Cemetery, other than that, Fr. Michael promised, will try to fill our needs. 

I have always gone by the phrase, Expect nothing, you and will not be disappointed. After signing on to Zoom on the computer Friday night for the first conference, seeing about 80 Oblates, something happened. I felt the community, the warmth of the people, the holiness of the moment, felt the presence of God.  

I couldn’t wait for the rest of the conferences, talks, and chats among the participants after each session, and then……The Mass on Sunday. I was captivated. I was most certainly not disappointed but was comforted. 

After the first monthly Saturday Zoom meetings started, missing the first two, how could this be as good as the Retreat? Another pleasant surprise. The speakers, topics, atmosphere, and seeing so many fellow Oblates every month was just what I and many of us Oblates needed. 

Another good thing was they started daily Mass online and other prayer services instead of weekly Mass, I now can tune in every day at my convenience which is usually an hour before bedtime. These help to wipe away the negativity of the day.

Other blessings have been to shut down the negativity of all the news & politics. I try to only focus on positivity, the present, and goodness in people when having a hard time in life and take it out on everybody else. That has to be the hardest thing to adjust to.

One more blessing of, one of many, I can think of is there have been many blogs, posts, meetings, etc. people, like Erica helping other people cope with the stress of life. I have found many on U-Tube. Ted Talks are helpful to watch, I have not watched mainstream TV in over two years, like the mainstream news, way too much negativity and trash.

That is pretty much part of my life in the year of Covid. With all the negativity, sickness, and death, there has been a lot of blessings. Thanks, Erica, for giving us a chance to let go. One voice can help change the world.

Hello world!

16 Jul

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